Keandre Gibson

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    Name: Keandre Gibson
    Nickname: N/A
    Birthplace: Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
    Birth date: March, 15, 1990
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Division: light welterweight
    Stance: Left hand lead
    Style: Aggressive technical boxer with a high work rate

    23 year old junior welterweight prospect Keandre Gibson was a mere 8 years old. Growing up in the projects, Gibson found solace in boxing, the sport he discovered through his good friend and fighter Deandre Latimore. Young Gibson would watch his friend return from tournaments with awards of all kinds and it made him curious. Soon after, with the permission of his father, Gibson was in the gym and learning the fundamentals of the sweet science.

    “I went to the gym and there were a lot of little kids up there and I just fell in love with it, training with the kids who were from my neighborhood,” Gibson said in a February interview with by Doveed Linder.

    An aggressive kid who got into trouble before he found boxing, Gibson channeled his energy inside the ring and it paid off with an impressive amateur career. Despite the talent, Gibson, trained early on by his father, had some moments of doubt early on about the life of a boxer. where he felt he might not want to spend his life fighting.

    “Yeah, I questioned myself about it a couple of times,” Gibson said to Linder. “My dad was training me at the time and he was really hard on me. I won my first thirty fights when I was an amateur. When I was getting ready for my first Silver Gloves tournament, my first national tournament, my dad was just training me and working me so hard, making me get up in the morning before I went to school to run. One day we were at the gym and I told him I wanted to quit boxing. He told me that I couldn’t quit something just because it was hard, so I was forced to do it until I got older. When I turned sixteen, I was sparring pros like [ex-world titleholder] Freddie Norwood and Leon Bobo and I was giving them a run for their money. Leon Bobo was undefeated at the time and I thought that if I’m doing good with him and he’s a professional, maybe I could be a good pro. At that point, I started taking it real seriously.”

    All told, Gibson went 94-20 in the amateurs, winning the 2006 Junior Golden Gloves National Champion and a 2006 bronze medal at the Junior Olympics, beating the likes of Hylon Williams, Jr and Jessie Vargas.

    Gibson turned pro in 2010 and amassed a solid record since, beating three undefeated fighters in Genero Mendez, Lawrence Hughes, and Moris Rodriguez. It was that last fight that interested Boxing 360’s Dr. Mario Yagobi. The technique, toughness and never say quit attitude that Gibson’s father instilled him all those years ago showed in that fight. Rodriguez, no matter how much Gibson out-smarted him and out-boxed him, never stopped coming forward. A lesser fighter would have folded. But Gibson doesn’t quit when things get tough and he prevailed with a clear decision win.

    Gibson’s last fight was an impressive win over Boyd Henley. Gibson landed three left hooks in the fifth that caused the ref to give Henley a standing eight count. From bell to bell, Gibson’s fast pace and high punch output wore Henley down.

    With an aggressive style and technique that will give any fighter problem, Keandre Gibson is the latest addition to St. Louis’ rich boxing tradition.



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