Floyd Mayweather Rips Canelo & Oscar De La Hoya

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Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 4:14 pm.

Floyd Mayweather

ESNEWS was on hand to capture all the trash talk and back and forth between Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at the Los Angeles pres conference to announce “The One” pay-per-view on September 14 at the MGM Grand. Check it out:

8 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather Rips Canelo & Oscar De La Hoya”

  1. Barbara Ceglio

    I can not stand him
    I’m forever looking for his
    wife beater T !
    Most women fans have never restored faith in him since his domestic dispute and short lived jail sentence , he should never of been permitted to box again, the truth is boxers fists are legal licensed Weapons !
    He should of been stripped of his privilege to box again.
    What an example the boxing committee has set for the sanctity of women and children!
    Besides his greatest flaw as just shared ,
    I liked to see him fight when he’s not calling all the shots!
    Paired up like a Pro
    I believe Canelo can beat him,
    But will he ?, well we will see !
    I love to see him get a man up
    He needs to pay me to see him fight !

  2. ale ortiz

    There’s no proof bruises pictures only testimony from her that hit her. Get facts then judge.

  3. tito

    Floyd is going to schooled the Mexican sensation back to his native country with a loss, viva Floyd and viva U.S.A.

  4. Melvin Robertson Jr

    1.Floyd owned up to it and did his time like a man. Stop Crying. 2.Floyd was quiet until L.A. where De la Hoya and everyone else in the Canelo camp decided to start ripping on him. Well I don’t know about you but if you shit talk me guess what?. Its coming back. I’m not just gonna let disrespect me like that.

  5. RonRon

    I like Canelo, buuuut..he’s not ready for a Floyd Money Mayweather. Period.

  6. Carlos capo

    Floyd simple the best!! Don’t hate the player hate the game!!! Viva Floyd mayweather !!!! Get ready canelito!!!

  7. Boltvato Ruben Sesma

    Floyd is all show he will never go toe to toe with anyone when he got a taste of blood he cold cocked the dude then when he was gonna have a great fight he danced all night he admits he doesn’t like to get hit. Michael Jackson of boxing if he desires to fight Canelo he will lose big time if he gets hit early we will see a dancing machine stupid he isn’t always fights on mex holidays cuz he knows without the mex fans he couldn’t fill a outhouse

  8. Nana Danso

    This goes to fans like Boltvato Ruben Sesma. If Canelo want to fight toe to toe always then, Canelo should switch to MMA. This is boxing (sweet science) and Floyd can run all 12 rounds which will be called boxing. If you don’t understand the sport, don’t post a comment. I really like Canelo as a boxer/fighter. This is totally different. Floyd will school Canelo allllllllll night. Cotto is stronger than Canelo meaning the weight will not have effect in this fight.


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