Amanda Serrano Transcends Gender with Guts

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Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 6:21 pm.

Amanda Serrano

By Gabriel Montoya


As a lifelong fight fan, I have contended that the real action is in the lower weight divisions. Two of the brightest burgeoning stars in the Boxing360 galaxy also happen to be super featherweights, proving that theory right each time the bell rings. One is Joel Diaz Jr., who I’ve profiled regularly for some time. The other is a woman who changed the way I see female boxing, former IBF super featherweight titleholder Amanda Serrano, 14-0-1 (9). A born fighter of Puerto Rican descent out of New York, Serrano has action in her blood. She simply can’t hear that bell ring without going all out at her opponent. Watching her, you get the feeling her DNA is connected somehow to the most bloodthirsty of fight fans. She transcends gender with fistic intensity and a style that is all risk in order to gain great reward.

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