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Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 8:10 pm.

Guerrero vs. Berto

In 2012, Robert Guerrero became the third fighter in boxing history to win a world title at featherweight and welterweight, joining the likes of legends Henry Armstrong and future Hall of Famer Manny Pacquiao.   Guerrero also joins the rare breed of fighters, who have jumped up two weight classes to win world championships, which include Roberto Duran, Roy Jones Jr., and Sugar Shane Mosley.


Robert Guerrero Accomplishments for 2012 ‘Fighter of the Year’


Guerrero Dominated two Olympians at their absolute prime in Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto

  • Both are fully fledged welterweights who fought their whole career at welterweight
  • Combined record of (51-1, 39 KOs)
  • Aydin was ranked #1 and never tasted defeat
  • Berto is a two-time welterweight champion considered one of the best in the division
Guerrero Jumped up two weight classes from lightweight to welterweight
  • After a 15-month layoff
  • Had no tune up fights to get prepared for the weight hike
    •  Fought the No. 1 contender right out the gate
    •  Followed by Berto who is a two time world champion
  • Coming off shoulder surgery
Guerrero won the fights convincingly
  • Berto scorecards read (116-110)
    •  Berto down in rounds 1 & 2
  • Aydin scorecards read (116-112 twice & 117-111)

Fact:  Guerrero was not expected to win these fights which makes the feat that much more remarkable

  • Against Berto
    • Guerrero was a 3-1 underdog
  • Against Aydin
    • On Showtime poll, Guerrero was expected to lose by 68% of the voters


Quotes from today’s star commentators on Guerrero’s performances in 2012

Jim Lampley

“Anyone who questions whether Robert Guerrero can be a full fledged welterweight can forget that right now.  He’s a good solid welterweight. I always thought Robert Guerrero was a great technician from the outside.  He’s showing me he has gutter skills along the ropes too. I feel like I’m watching Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio.  Guys shoulder to shoulder, head to head trying to find punching room round after round.  This could be fight of the year.”

Max Kellerman

“Guerrero shows signs of a really mature prize fighter.  It’s impressive how physically strong Guerrero looks for a guy who started at 122 pounds.  He looks like a big strong welterweight.  The fans know this is unbelievable what they are witnessing here tonight.  Guerrero for the most part has imposed his size and strength on Berto in this fight.  Berto has fought a lot with his back against the ropes.”

Roy Jones Jr.

“Not many guys though can jump two weight classes and take on top notch fighters and do well at it.  Guerrero jumped two weight classes and he is very confident that he can become the best in the division.  Usually a guy coming up from featherweight would defiantly not take these shots.  It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Al Bernstein

“Robert Guerrero is a classy good combination puncher. I said at age 15 this young man would be a champion and will be and of course he did become one.  He’s a good ring technician that knows what he is doing.  Let’s give him credit, moving up two weight classes, after a long layoff after a shoulder injury, that’s a very good performance by Robert the Ghost Guerrero.”

Gus Johnson

“Tonight Robert Guerrero debuts as a welterweight, if he goes on to capture a championship in this division, he’ll become only the third fighter to win titles at featherweight and welterweight joining legendary Henry Armstrong and Manny Pacquiao.   Beautiful combination by Robert Guerrero, there’s boxing and there’s fighting, and we are watching a fight. Tonight Robert Guerrero moves up two weight classes and becomes the WBC interim world champion”


Steve Farhood

“This was a very grueling physical fight against a welterweight, one of the strongest in the world.”

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