The Case for David Haye

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Posted on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 at 12:34 am.

David-HayeIts been a long time since we gave a damn about a heavyweight fight. Maybe Chris Arreola vs. Vitali Klitschko. It’s been even longer since we didn’t know who would win. probably Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko. But now boxing, in particular, the heavyweights, have a fight they can look forward to.

Tomorrow I will get to the champion Klitschko. Today, let’s talk Haye.

Who has he fought to make him ready for this fight? The glacier known as Valuev? Ok he is big but fights nothing like Wladimir.


John Ruiz? Can’t says I was impressed by that fight. In fact, Ruiz hurt Haye  in that fight as I remember it. At least once.

Monte “Two Gunz, Both Empty”Barrett? Yeah. I don’t think so either.


Surely Haye’s “Ok, Ready. NOW!” Destruction of Audley Harrison has him prepared for this fight? Anyone? Bueller?


So why is he going to win?

Simple. Who has Wladimir beaten that prepares him for Haye? He lost to a prime Lamon Brewster who is kind of built like Haye and has the same explosive style. He got beaten by a past his prime Corrie Sanders. Sam “Freakin” Peter put him down three times.

Everyone else Wlad has beaten has been either past it, not that good, or did not have the speed, power and agility combo that Haye possesses. Like Roy Jones, Jr, when faced with an opponent who is better, faster, stronger, more explosive than anyone he has faced in years, it could mean trouble for Wladimir.

You can teach a lot of things but you cannot teach chin. Wlad has gotten a lot of experience, beaten top contenders in a terrible era, but the fact remains he can be lit up, he can be hurt, he can be stopped. Everything else can change but that will always be the same.

Haye is hungry, he’s ready, and he has played the mental game of cat and mouse for two years now. Maybe he has Wlad right where he wants him: on edge, looking to make a big statement. And in doing that, Haye might be able to land his big shot and end things early.


Can he? Hell yes. Will he? You tell me.

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