David Huh?

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:05 pm.


David Haye is the biggest con artist in boxing not named Andre Berto. He keeps telling boxing fans he wants to fight a Klitschko but when push comes to shove, he never signs the deal. If you want something to happen and want it bad enough, you do what it takes to get it done. If you want something to not happen bad enough, you find to a way to bitch out every time.

Ask Floyd Mayweather how badly he wants Manny Pacquiao and he will tell you “take the test and we can do it tomorrow.” That’s dumb ass code for “Not in this lifetime, baby!” Haye is the same way.

He acts like letting Wlad be announced first and picking the judges and the arena are such hard things for him to give up.

Dude, you are the heavyweight champ like Berto is the Welterweight Champ: ON PAPER ONLY. Wladimir has fought every fighter that wants a piece of him. The only guy that has been a problem to make a fight with is David Haye who TWICE before backed out of deals to make fights with both brothers. Vitali is free to fight after March’s defense against Odlanier Solis and yet what does Haye do? He whines that he is quitting boxing in October and Wlad won’t fight him. Fight Vitali, dude. Get that other belt and add some fuel to the negotiating fire. Oh wait. You are David Haye. You don’t do that. You do fake fights with Audley Harrison or fight old guys like John Ruiz. But a tough fight with a real champ like Vitali or Wlad? No way in hell you ever do that. In fact if you want to man up seriously, I will throw in another couple names- Adamek and my good friend USBA champ Maurice Harris.

This is what is wrong with boxing. Loudmouths like Mayweather and Haye ducking tough fights and claiming their toe is hurt or the other guy won’t drug test or whatever excuse works this week. The guys that have big names and could draw more attention to our sport fighting the best only care about themselves. What is a bigger problem is that fans coddle these guys and make excuses for them.

When did fighters stop wanting to be great?

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