I Got Bradley

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:07 pm.


I’m saying it now: I got Tim Bradley over Devon Alexander. It’s man vs. boy. It’s guy who looked OK in his last fight but still  clearly won


against a guy who looked crappy down the stretch in his last fight which everybody thinks he lost


Tim Bradley is more mature, more experienced, and a better fighter than Alexander. I say Bradley beats Alexander down to the body and breaks his ass up, knocks him down in the middle of the fight.  When it comes to substance over flash that fades, it’s Bradley all the way. Just look at how he gets it done. with this right hand.


Alexander’s defense gets looser the longer the fight goes and he squares up, plus he tires. I’m telling you the best weapon for a southpaw, especially a tired one is right hand and Bradley is gonna land it and Alexander is gonna run like Hell after that.

Whoever wins, I hope they do something about this


Who do you got? Bradley or Alexander?



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One Response to “I Got Bradley”

  1. julian "champ" godoy

    Look stile makes a good figther Bradley is definately the best he is a tru Renging Bull back in the 1950s he would stand toe to toe with the reel Rocky.look the man as hearth of a Gladiator he is the holtimate warrior he the Reel baby Iron mike.And he prove it time after time.He is going nock the life out that boy who call himself a boxer. BRADLEY WINNER BY TKO..BE GOOD TO YOUR SELF CHAMP.


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