Around the boxing world with Tito Jones

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:23 pm.

Around the boxing world with Tito Jones


Boxing360’s super middleweight Lennox “2Sharpe” Allen has been added to the February 11 Derick Rossy vs. Eddie Chambers card at Bally’s in Atlantic City. Lennox is on a nice run right now and this kind of activity is just what we wanted out of 2011 for him. We’ll keep you updated on who the opponent will be.


I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of Tim Bradley’s dome changing the way fights go. He can say he isn’t trying all he wants to but the facts are there. His last 7 fights have had head butts in them. I know the guy has a giant cabessa but come on. This is ridiculous. Can we take a collection and get him a head reduction? Wait, let’s do it after the Amir Khan/Bradley fight HBO will probably put on this year.

Speaking of HBO, is it me or are these guys taking a worse beating than Khan did in that tenth round with Maidana? They lost Many Pacquiao, Showtime is coming up with tournaments and good fights left and right and meanwhile, HBO just blew a ton of their budget for the year on Bradley and Alexander who excite maybe two people. Something needs to change over there and fast.

Did anyone else thins Luis Franco and Lateef ‘2Stiff’ Kayode lost big time last weekend? No way they won. Lateef would not be where he is and would not get that win if Freddie Roach, everybody’s favorite trainer, was not in his corner. Lateef is a great example that it isn’t what you know (have you seen him “box”?) but who you know.

The WBC rankings came out today. And here I thought the Ring ratings were weird. Saul Alvarez is the best 154 pounder? Really? Then why does he keep saying he is a welterweight? And how is Paul Williams at #3? He is clearly the best at getting KO’d at 160? Maybe they have high hopes for him doing the same at 154. The WBC proving that it isn’t what you know but who pays you off the best.


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