I got Alexander

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:15 pm.


Like Bob Arum said “yesterday I was lying, today I am telling the truth” when I tell you my pick is straight up Alexander not Bradley.

The Desert Storm bores me, has no real power, is slower than Alexander and can be put down


and can look pretty ordinary against a boxer/puncher like Alexander. Even the Junior Witter fight is overrated. yeah he looked good in the back end but people forget that it was not the most dominant win ever. He got that knockdown late and that got him the win.


Now look at my boy Alexander against Witter


Ok so it’s a later version of Witter but still. Alexander handled Witter and stopped him while Nate Campbell was headbutting Nate Campbell which will probably happen here a lot because that’s how Bradley rolls.


I think Alexander is quicker, faster, harder hitting and has the punch to beat and knockout Bradley late.


That’s right, I got Alexander.

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