Lennox Allen Knocks Orta Out!!!

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:16 pm.


I said it before, Boxing 360‘s Lennox Allen is a bad man. It took him just two rounds Friday night at the Armory to do what Danny Jacobs took five rounds to do. Really it was more like one round. Lennox landed some good body shots in the beginning. That set up a  monster check right hook that just crumpled the guy. Orta got up and badly hurt but unluckily for him the bell rang and he went back dazed to his corner. The ref should have stopped it but he didn’t.

Orta got his minute rest and came out and immediately took a knee. Soon as Orta got up, Lennox went at him and lit him up. The ref finally jumped in and stopped it just :37 into the second. Great way for 2 Sharpe to start the year. I figure a few more fights and we get him to 20 fights and we can really shift into overdrive with Lennox.

Dude had the most brutal I’ve ever seen. This was like Ray Mercer against Tommy Morrison. This local favorite Ronson Frank knocked this poor dude Anthony Ferrante the Hell out. Damn near killed him. They were swapping punches in the corner and Frank landed a flush combination and Ferrante wobbled. Frank knocked him out on his feet with a right uppercut. The ref was on the opposite side and tried to get over to stop it but Frank hit dude with a five punch flush combination while he had his hands at his sides and Ferrante went down for ten minutes. Scary but I guess he is ok.

It was a cool night at the Armory. They had a few hundred people there and they got a good show.

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