Tito Jones’ Weekend Wrap Mar 28, 2011

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Posted on Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 11:47 am.

Tito Jones’ Weekend Wrap


As expected, it was a helluva fight weekend. The fights went pretty much as expected as far as winners but we had some outcomes that I didn’t see happening at all. I’m putting up my picks from this weekend and what actually happened. Hey, 4-1 ain’t bad.Can I pick ’em or can I pick ’em?


Friday Night

Fairfield, CA


Antonio Escalante (24-3 with 15 KOs) vs. Alejandro Perez (14-2-1 with 9 KOs)

Dude, great fight. Perez is a banger with not a lot of power. Escalante is a guy coming off a KO loss and a war before that. Anyone’s fight but after that weigh in yesterday where Escalante came in two pounds over, I am going Perez.

Tito Jones Pick: Perez by decision

What actually went down: This didn’t take long. One big punch off a nasty right hand and down went Escalante for the count.

Result: Perez KO 1


Atlantic City, NJ


Yuriorkis Gamboa (19-0 with 15 KOS) vs. Jorge Solis (40-2-2 with 29 KOs)

Solis is too old, too slow, and not good enough to beat Gamboa. If he couldn’t beat Manny Pacquiao in 2007, why is he going to beat Yuri Gamboa now?

Tito Jones Pick: Gamboa by brutal knockout

What actually happened: Gamboa knocked Solis five times. Dude never stood a chance. Gamboa is like a midget Tyson. If he doesn’t get the Lopez fight by this year we are all going to be bummed.

Result: Gamboa TKO 4



Miguel Garcia (24-0 20 KOs) vs. Matt Remillard (23-0 with 13 KOs)

Now this is a fight. Evenly matched, young and hungry fighters going at it. Garcia is a little more experienced, hits a little bit harder, and Top Rank loves the guy.

Tito Jones Pick: Garcia by late knockout

What actually went down: This was the fight I thought it would be. Back and forth. Both guys going at it and changing it up each round. But in the end, Tito Jones was right.

Result: Garcia by 10th round stoppage after Remillard’s corner stopped the fight.



Ekaterinburg, Russia

ESPN3.com 12 PM

Dmitry Pirog (17-0 with 14 KOs) vs. Javier Maciel (18-1 with 12 KOs)

Everybody’s favorite Russian is back. I saw some youtube of the guy he is fighting. He isn’t too bad but Pirog still ices in 8. Martinez should fight him already.

Tito Jones Pick: Pirog in 8

What actually went down: Pirog looked rusty and had trouble dealing with the tricky Maciel all fight long. For a second in the eighth, it looked like Maciel would pull a monster upset. Instead, Pirog showed how good he is and pulled the fight out late. He is a long way from Martinez but he did enough to want to see him in the US.

Result: Pirog UD 12

Juan Manuel Marquez


Johannesburg, South Africa

Steve Molitor (33-1 with 12 KOs)) vs. Takalani Ndlovu (31-6 with 18 KOS)

This should be called the weekend no brainer. They’ve fought twice before. The first time, Molitor stopped. Second time, he decisioned him. Third time won’t be a charm.

Molitor by stoppage again.

What actually happened: Still haven’t tracked it down but I guess third time was a charm.

Result: Ndlovu UD 12





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