“Big Six” Estrada will leave no stone unturned vs. Lawrence

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:13 pm.


If styles make fights then it’s on like Donkey Kong this Saturday at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, New York when our very own Jason Estrada makes his Boxing 360 debut taking on Franklin Lawrence for the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation Heavyweight title. Ok, ok, I know we have too many belts and everyone hates the WBC but lookit, these regionals are a necessary part of the sport. For these guys, a higher ranking is on the line and it’s because of the belt.

If you haven’t seen Jason, here is a video of his highlights

Who says the heavyweights are dead? If you want action from two guys who need this win badly and will do what it takes to get it, this your fight. These guys aren’t backing up, they aren’t taking no for an answer and someone is going to sleep. I know what you are saying? Didn’t Estrada lose to Tomasz Adamak? Yeah he did. But I look at the 3 losses on Estrada’s record as important lessons for a fighter with only 20 fights.

Now I haven’t seen Franklin Lawrence but I’m told he will come forward and press the action. His best win was his last fight in September when he knocked out Lance Whitaker in 7 rounds. Say what you want, it’s better than saying ‘His last fight was a loss to Lance Whitaker.”

The fight is for the vacant WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation belt but what they are really fighting for is pride, a higher ranking and a chance to prove themselves against the best in the world one more time. It’s never too late in the heavyweights and both of these experienced fighters will look to get a foothold come this Saturday.

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Tito’s Shoe Shine Shots

I know they always say ‘fatigue makes cowards of us all” but what about age? Dude, if you saw that Evander Holyfield fight last week you know what I am talking about. Old man gave up. He got cut after having a lot of trouble with Sherman Williams, saw his way out and gave up. I never thought I’d see the day when Holyfield looked for a way out. Before he was old, now he is doing this? Evander, please, retire.

Judge for yourself and you tell me, was he legitimately hurt or did he fear he’d lose his March date with Brian Nielson?

Speaking of fat heavyweights, Chris Arreola comes back this weekend on Friday Night Fights. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he weighs in above 260. What’s your pick?

So @Oscar De La Hoya is now throwing Thomas Hauser under the bus for writing “How HBO lost Manny Pacquiao” on maxboxing.com


Why not just do better fights and prove to Bob Arum and Hauser that what they say is wrong: that HBO is going down the toilet for siding with Al Haymon and Golden Boy these past few years. Golden Boy is getting better at promoting but Oscar and the tweeting? not so much.

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