Mike O’Dowd Wins New York World Middleweight Title

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Posted on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 8:56 am.

Boxing History: November 30, 1922 Mike O’Dowd DQ 8 Dave Rosenberg, Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn, New York, USA. referee: Patsy Haley Wins New York World Middleweight Title.

Mike O'Dowd

Mike “St. Paul Cyclone” O’Dowd (April 5, 1895 in St. Paul, Minnesota – July 28, 1957) was the Middleweight Champion of the World from 1917 to 1920. O’Dowd was slippery and very difficult to hit with a solid punch; he won the title on November 14, 1917 by knocking out Al McCoy in the sixth round. O’Dowd was knocked out just once in his career, his last fight on March 16, 1923.

O’Dowd was the only world’s champion to fight at the front during World War I (1918, while serving in the U.S. Army).

He is also supposed to have fought seven times in 1913, as follows: Mike Brown (in Superior WI), W ko 1; Al Johnson, W ko 1; Harry Olson, W ko 1; Harry Gardner, W ko 4; Al Johnson (in St. Paul MN), W Points 6; Jack Pleunbush, W ko 2; Charley Fuhrman, W ko 2.

Managers Mike McNulty, Jack Reddy, Paddy Mullins

Mike O'Dowd, left, stands beside his trainer

Mike O’Dowd, left, stands beside his trainer

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  1. Alfie Deehan.

    Dear Sir, Madam, Could anyone confirm that Mike O’Dowd’s Grandfather was born in Mountaffe, Aclare, Co.Sligo, Ireland? I knew a Mary O’Dowd born 1880s in Mountaffe and worked for James J. Hill the’ Railroad King’ in St.,Paul, MN and she told me Mr. Hill offered to send Mike O’Dowd home to Ireland as her minder because he was her cousin and also he wanted Mary O’Dowd protected so she would return safely to St.,Paul.
    Mary O’Dowd always told me she was related to Mike O’Dowd and that his ancestors came from Mountaffe.
    Can anyone throw any light on this, I would be delighted if you could as I was born right next door `to where his ancestors came fom.
    Many thanks,
    Alfie Deehan, Raheen, Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.


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