Boxing360 Saturday Fight Picks

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Posted on Sunday, October 28th, 2012 at 12:13 am.

The Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY


Miguel Vazquez (31-3) vs. Marvin Quintero (25-3)

Miguel Vasquez

Boxing360 Picks: It’s go time for Vasquez. After picking up the IBF lightweight belt, Vasquez has gained momentum. Now it’s his HBO moment and he should seize it tonight against Quintero. Vasquez by workmanlike technical knockout in the tenth. 

Thomas Dulorme (16-0) vs. Luis Abregu (33-1)

Thomas Dulorme

Boxing360 Picks: Team Puerto Rico hasn’t had the best luck this year whether it was through losing or not entertaining. Dulorme has a chance to be the lone light on that team. Dulorme is young but has had  more rounds lately than Abregu.  

Abgregu hasn’t been active since losing to Tim Bradley in 2010. But he’s won all four fights he has had and by knockout in Argentina. The quality of the fighters may not be up to Dulorme.

Who knows what happens with both if this goes late? We’ll take Dulorme in a close fight by decision. 

Karim Mayfield (16-0-1) vs. Mauricio Herrera (18-2)

Karim Mayfield
Karim Mayfield

Boxing360 Picks: Mayfield’s best win came this year against Raymond Serrano, an unbeaten fighter, for the WBO NABO light welterweight belt. It marked a milestone for Mayfield who has struggled to break through into the mainstream. 

Herrera is a tough fighter we’ve seen lose in wars while entertaining us enough to be back on network. He’s scrappy but not hard hitting. He’s in some ways like Mayfield: a skilled pro but not superhuman in speed or power.

This could be a tough scrap that stays inside. If that happens, we like Mayfield and his trainer Virgil Hunter to pull it through. Mayfield by decision.

Arena Cuidad De Mexico, in Mexico City, Mexico

Rafael Marquez (41-7) vs. Cristian Mijares (46-6-2)

Rafael Marquez
Rafael Marquez

Boxing360 Picks: Which guys can take the other guys punch. Let’s be honest. That’s what it comes down to. We’re banking on Marquez pulling one last victory out. Marquez by surprise knockout in three. 

The Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX


Antonio Escalante (28-4) vs. Rocky Juarez (28-10-1)

Rocky Juarez
Rocky Juarez

Boxing360 Picks: Speaking of knockouts, this one is going to end on an unexpected one, too. Rocky Juarez may never get a title but he’ll get the win over Escalante. Slow but steady, Juarez works his way to knockout victory in a fun fight. Juarez by late knockout. 

The El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, TX

Takalani Ndlovu (33-7) vs. Alejandro Lopez (23-2)

Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez

Boxing360 Picks:  Momentum is big in boxing and coming into tonight’s bout, Lopez has it and Ndlovu doesn’t. Lopez is coming off three wins in a row dating back to 2011. Ndlovu is coming off a loss to Jeffrey Mathebula in March. At 25, Lopez could be coming into his own while the 34 year-old Ndlovu is winding down. Lopez by mid-fight technical knockout. 




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