Boxing360 Saturday Fight Picks Oct 20, 2012

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Posted on Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at 7:17 pm.

The Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, England

Kell Brook (28-0) vs. Hector Saldivia (41-2)

Kell Brook

Boxing360’s picks: Brook is promising a knockout. After his rough fight with Carson Jones, I am thinking he is going to do it. Brook in 6.


The Barclays Center, New York City, NY


Danny Garcia (24-0) vs. Erik Morales (52-8)

Danny Garcia

Boxing360 Picks: No doubt Danny Garcia’s eyes are wide open now that he has decided to take on Erik Morales despite the positive drug issues he was having this week. Morales is still older, slower and fading out of the game. Garcia in 10 rounds.


Paul Malignaggi (31-4) vs. Pablo Cano (25-1-1)

Boxing360 Picks: Paulie should outbox the soft-looking Cano. The belly and extra weight drain might even spell a body shot knockout from Paulie. Malignaggi by unanimous decision.


Peter Quillin (27-0) vs. Hassan N’Jikam (27-0)

Peter Quillin

Boxing360 Picks: This is a tough fight to pick. Quillin looks like the guy. N’Jikam has a tough style though. He moves around a lot and appears  to have decent speed. I’ll give the hometown edge to Quillin by decision.


Randall Bailey (43-7) vs. Devon Alexander (23-1)

Randall Bailey

Boxing360 Picks: Bailey got lucky or Mike Jones got tired. Either way, Alexander won’t fall victim to the same fate. Too slick, too young, too fast, too much. Alexander by unanimous decision.

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