The 360 Lowdown

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:26 pm.


As most of you now know, Boxing 360 took a big step this week in signing both super middleweight  Lennox Allen and super bantamweight Leon Moore. Each fighter comes from Guyana. What they have in common more than that is they both come to fight. Lennox took the New York State title last year and we hope to move him into a higher ranking and title contention by late 2011, early 2012.

Lennox Allen has really come a long way from when I first saw him. Each time he fights, he shows a new level of commitment and depth I wasn’t sure he had to start with. To top it off, he is one of the nicest fighters I’ve ever met. Guy is so humble and happy to be working with our team to get him where he wants to go. Boxing is a rough sport and a rougher business at times and it’s nice to meet people like Allen and help them reach their goals.

The other guy I am really excited about in our stable is Leon Moore (27-2, 22 KOs).


He’s another tough Guyanese fighter who brings it. Right now he is ranked number 3 by the WBC at super bantamweight and the WBA has him number 13 at junior featherweight. I’m loving our chances at getting him a world title shot. hat would be great for him because at 32 the time is absolutely now. And for us because it would mark our first world champion.  To do that in the short period of time we have been in the business would be huge and signal to not only the boxing world but ourselves that this company and it’s philosophy of putting the fighters first works.

Also on the horizon, the IBF mandated that negotiations for a fight between Boxing 360’s Maurice Harris and Sam Peter to begin and the wheels have begun to move. If we can’t come to an agreement sometime this month, then we go to purse bid.  That’s a real winnable fight for Mo Harris. Peter is done. No way he can keep up with Harris’ better feet and jab. I can’t to see Peter get outboxed all night long.

Plus, we’ve got Tyrone Brunson in Las Vegas at the Orleans. I’m not sure what you guys have heard about Brunson but reports out of Vegas are good. he’ll be in a six or eight rounder to get his feet back under him since he has been laid off for awhile but by the end of the year, Brunson, who is trained by Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, will be shaking things up again at junior middleweight. I want to see him vs. Kirkland. Some one is getting KTFO!

2011 is shaping up to be a big one for Boxing 360


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