Freddie Welsh wins world lightweight title

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Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 6:45 am.

Boxing History: July 7, 1914 Freddie Welsh W 20 Willie Ritchie, London. Welsh wins world lightweight title.

Freddie Welsh

Legend has it that Welsh, upon learning that his $7000 guarantee was lost in the promotion, attacked his manager and bit off part of his ear.

Freddie Welsh (5 March 1886 – 29 July 1927) was a Welsh lightweight boxing champion. Born in Pontypridd, Wales, and christened Frederick Hall Thomas, he was nicknamed the “Welsh Wizard”. Brought up in a tough mining community, Welsh left a middle-class background to make a name for himself in America. He turned professional as a boxer in Philadelphia in 1905, and spent the best part of his career fighting in the United States, leaving many in Britain to incorrectly believe he was an exponent of an ungentlemanly style of American boxing.

Welsh spent much of his career chasing the World Championship title, held in turn by Battling Nelson, Ad Wolgast and Willie Ritchie, failing through a series of events to meet each until a successful encounter with Ritchie in July 1914, when he finally became World Lightweight Champion. Welsh held the title until 1917 when he lost to Benny Leonard, though he continued to fight sparingly until 1922.

A keen follower of Bernarr Macfadden’s physical culture, Welsh believed in exercise and healthy living and was a non-smoker and a vegetarian. In the years following the end of his career, bad business choices cost him his fortune, and after numerous health problems he died in poverty in 1927.

Freddie Welsh Documentary – Boxing Legend Based on Freddie Welsh’s scrapbooks discovered in the attic of his NY home found after his death.

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