Justice Served!!!! Vera Beats Mora!!!!

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Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 at 6:24 pm.


He wanted it more and he got it. Bryan “the Upset Special” Vera ( 18-5 with 11 KO’s),beat Sergio “The Latin fake” Mora (22-2-2 with 6 KOs), off TV on Friday night. For a second, I thought they were  going to take it away from Vera when they said Split Decision. But justice was served when the announcer said 96-94 twice for Vera and 94-96 for Mora (what fight was he watching? Maybe that judge kept looking away because he knew it was a Bora fight).

From the moment the fight started Vera went right out and took it from Mora. He threw a ton of combos and kept pressuring the way he did with Andy Lee so long ago. It was beautiful to see Vera take it to Mora and force him to fight all night instead of the usual holding, feinting and moving away.


Vera gets to keep going and give fight fans the kind of action they love while Mora? Mora hopefully announces his retirement.


That opening fight was awesome with Chris Chatman getting knocked down in the first round but roaring back to get into the fight after Hatley got tired in the second round. It was every man for himself as Chatman kept switching southpaw then right handed and attacking non stop. Hatley tried to box but he just didn’t have it in to fight off Chatman enough to get control of him. What a great fight. Chatman came back in the last round and dropped Hatley, who had nothing left. Hatley got up and finished to get the majority draw.


Hatley is now 14-0-1 with 11 KOs but man does he need to work on some things. Chatman is 9-1-1 with 4 KOs and I can’t wait to see him again.

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