5 ways we’d improve boxing

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Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 at 12:29 am.


1) Better judging. Look, let’s face it. In every other job in the world, if you get too old to do your job, you get retired. Why is it in boxing you can be an old, blind guy and still keep getting work? maybe I just answered my own question but it seems like a constant problem. It needs to end and now. I don’t think it kills the sport as a whole but it certainly doesn’t help our credibility.


2) Instant Replay. How many times have we seen a head butt cut that was not called or a punch that caused a cut that was ruled a head butt? Or a knockdown that wasn’t? Lives are literally on the line in more ways than one. Why leave something to chance like that? These fighters train for so long and then we leave it up to chance and possible human error? That makes no sense. Open scoring does not work but instant replay would, in my opinion.

This is not
This is not in my fighter contract

3) Fighter bonuses. Top Rank has already begun implementing these. Some might argue that the fighters are being paid already so why offer to pay them twice. But let’s be real. If you’re at your job and your boss “Hey, do this extra thing and I’ll add a $50,000 bonus,” you’d do it as long as it didn’t involve dressing up in an inappropriate costume.

Can’t we all just get along and fight?

4) Please end the promoter war. As a promotional company just coming into our own, it’s not really fair for us to criticize those who have been doing this so long. We are still finding our way. But as fans of the sport, there are matches we want that we will never see.

Robert Guerrero vs. Brandon Rios and Abner Mares vs. Nonito Donaire  are just two that come to mind. If they never happened, it would be not so much death for the sport but a  shame for it.

And finally  . . .

5) This space is for you, fight fans. What would you do to fix the sport? How would you improve our beloved sweet science? We here at Boxing360 value your opinion. We’ll print the suggestions right here in our blog. So please, send us your thoughts.

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