A message about a cleaner sport

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Posted on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at 5:03 am.

We here at Boxing360 believe in a clean sport. Boxing is hard enough. We don’t need performance enhancing drugs ruining our sport. And it’s clear from the week we all need to be educated about what is going on in our gyms and locker rooms.


With that in mind, we saw writer Zach Arnold’s article on boxinginsider.com and would like to share a part of it and the link so you can read it for yourself. It’s everything you want to know about our current testosterone problem in combat sports.

Via Zach Arnold of Fightopinion.com and Boxinginsider.com

A crash course on testosterone, hypgonadism, and doping

By Zach Arnold/ FightOpinon.com

We have all heard about the Lamont Peterson/Amir Khan fight getting cancelled. When you heard that the cancellation was due to Peterson failing a drug test due to detection of synthetic testosterone, you probably groaned. You may not totally understand what that exactly means, but you know it’s bad news.

Khan Peterson Final
Photo: Hogan Photos/ Golden Boy

For boxing fans, fighters, promoters, and media, they can learn a thing or two from their MMA counterparts about recent drug scandals and the evolution of doping in combat sports.

What you, as a fight fan, must know about modern day doping practices in combat sports is downright ugly. However, it’s necessary to understand what is going on in order to appreciate the gravity of the doping dilemma in combat sports. You’ve been warned.

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