Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson: Who wins and how?

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Posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 11:14 pm.

The weighs are (168 apiece) and Dawson looked vibrant and ready to go, far from the weight drained fighter we expected.

As usual Andre Ward was his calm, cool self. He appeared in great shape as well.

There is an energy building around this fight. The Dawson weight hurdle has been cleared, the fans and media are all there for the spectacle. Let’s get it on.

Who will win? Ward or Dawson?

Ward is steady. He doesn’t blow you away with hos power. His speed feels more like quickness. It’s the technique and intelligence that get his hand raised after every fight.

Dawson is technically sound and not afraid of a fight. This is the one he wanted. A tall southpaw, Dawson is going to need every bit of his skill and size advantage to win decisively in Ward’s backyard.

We see a close, tactical fight early with both men exchanging more as it goes on. This is Ward’s fight to lose. He’s the bigger mystery to solve. We’ll take Ward by decision.

Who do you have, boxingheads?

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