Say it Ain’t So, Berto

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Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011 at 7:30 pm.

Well, he’s screwed. Andre Berto has removed all hope of him regaining his stature.


He done got the “I got knocked down, beat up, and lost my title so I am getting a bunch of tattoos” tattoos.

Maybe it’s henna?

Or maybe it’s a sign that he has lost it completely. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

This used to be Kelly Pavlik.


Note the eagle on the left shoulder. This is normal tattooing at this point. All men from Youngstown have to get that.

This is Kelly Pavlik after losses to Bernard Hopkins and Sergio Martinez.

boxer 60

Note the buttload of tattoos.I think he got two for one which is, if you think about it, a very good deal. However none of those tattoos could bring back the man beneath them.

With all the tattoos in tow, Pavlik was last seen looking rusty as hell on the undercard of Shane Mosley vs. Manny Pacquiao.


Speaking of Shane Mosley, he beat the stuffing out of Antonio Margarito, who had no tattoos going into this fight. Neither man did.

welter-mosley-margaritoNote neither man has a tattoo in this fight.

mosleyNope. Nothing from this angle.

Antonio+MargaritoAll clear from here.

However things would change for both men in the next year. After Mosley beat him down, Margarito would go on to get a couple Japanese Coi or Dragons or some shit on his shoulders and chest.


Whatever the they are, once he did got them, it was a short drive to BeatDownville.


After that win, Shane did two stupid things and one smart one. First he sat on the damn shelf for over a year letting the enthusiasm over that big win die out. Then he signed to fight Floyd Mayweather. That’s actually the smart thing. The other dumb thing was he went and got this:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Shane Mosley

He got the preemptive loss sleeve. Which led to this:


Before all this ink was laid down, Miguel Cotto lost to a no-tattoo Margarito in brutal fashion. Miguel came into the fight like this:

cotto margarito weigh

note the foreshadowing tattoo creeping out the left side of Cotto. Uh oh.

Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito

After this sad end to a great fight. Suddenly Cotto gets the body art from Conan the Barbarian all over him.

Miguel Cottow eighin Nov13

Lotta good that did him.


It didn’t here.

Or here.

Is there a connection? Who can say?

Berto? I’d be worried.

One Response to “Say it Ain’t So, Berto”

  1. REALPavlikFan330

    I know Kelly personally, and I can assure you that the ink has nothing to do with him fighting. It had a TON to do with the swill-drinking, drug using entourage that follows him around… They have all of his money and his credit cards, and all it takes is to get a couple drinks inside Kelly, and they can basically talk him into spending everything on anything. In this particular instance, he was talked into buying tattoos for something like 10 people and he had to obviously be the bad ass and have the biggest piece of them all… Sad thing is that the tattoo shop (Hollywood ink in Girard Ohio), let him come into the shop drunk, tattooed him while he continued to drink, and when he blacked out and passed out, The female artist in the shop continued to tattoo him still. When he woke he had a tattoo that he didn’t really want, but was talked into and convinced that that was what he had asked for. Maybe when he was drunk. I don’t know. But I do know that he WAS talked into getting the absolute WORST tattoo that someone with his quazi-celeb status could possibly get… He got the album cover from the Avenged Sevenfold cd BLASTED ACROSS HIS ENTIRE BACK. Once again, not one single word of reason from the good folks at Hollywood Ink in Girard Ohio. They were more delighted than anything that yet again, a drunk Kelly pavlik and a doped up entourage were back, and
    Yet again, his crowd was there to make sure he spent a minimum of $4,000 while he was there. I would hope that most tattoo shops out there would be able to make a good judgement call as far as the condition of the client (pissed drunk), and the condition of the other clients (on god knows what), and see that people were making bad decisions for Kelly, and anybody with a conscience would have stopped this disaster from happening. Instead The Lady that owns the shop (Hollywood ink in Girard Ohio) made the awful judgement call, to let these jerks get whatever they wanted to get, Kelly’s career be damned, as long as they paid in cash it didn’t matter. So Kelly pavlik has a bad album cover across his entire back. He also has a crooked scene of Italy on his chest. And god knows what else he was talked into that night. I would even venture to say that the shop even took advantage of the poor dude. His following fights he had to deal with ridicule and bullshit in regard to his ink. Some people say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. But in this case there is. And if Kelly is
    Gonna get the short end of this stick, so is HOLLY WEBBER AT HOLLYWOOD INK IN GIRARD OHIO, because she deserves it. For taking money from a good hearted boxer with a decent reputation and a good career, and put some wonky ass shit on his body thinking that it would help business to be able to tell people you tattooed Kelly pavlik. YOU TATTOOED A DRUNK
    KELLY, HIS DRUGGED OUT FRIENDS, YOU KNEW THEY WERE SPENDING HIS MONEY ON ALL THE INK, YOU KNEW THAT THESE WERE TERRIBLE IDEAS, YOU TOOK HIS MONEY WITH A SMILE AND YOU GAVE HIM INK THAT HE HATES AND NOW HAS A BAD STIGMA FOR, AND ANYBODY WITH ANY REAL COMMON SENSE WOULD HAVE TALKED HIM OUT OF THAT INK, and AT LEAST would have tried to give him some ink that you knew he would have liked for sure. You didn’t care though, you let them all drink and get high in the shop while you were working anyway. Your standards of business is horrible. You have no ethics. You treat your customers like they are nothing but a dollar sign and not like they are people. And if you had a scapegoat to blame all of this on, you most definitely would in a heartbeat. Your whole shop should be shut down for the things you pull when nobody is looking.


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