Who Should Ricky Hatton fight?

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Posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 10:09 pm.


Ricky Hatton
There’s Only One Ricky Hatton: Part two

Last week when Ricky Hatton  his ring return, the boxing world was abuzz with questions. How would he fare? Did he still have it after three years out of the ring? isn’t he too short for heavyweight? Regardless of the answers, boxing has a superstar return looming and that is always a good thing.

Who does he fight?

1) How about Michael Katsidis for starters?

Katsidis the Great

He’s a warrior at the  end of things with an action style. for a guy like Ricky Hatton this is a perfect place to begin.: a credible name with a pleasing style an experienced brawler like Hatton can handle.

Depending on how he makes 140 or if he decides upon 147 as his new division, Hatton will still want to target men in his situation: A little faded and not natural to the weight class. We won’t be seeing Andre Berto vs. Ricky Hatton. We also won’t see Hatton-Khan until Amir Khan gets his legs back under him and re-establishes himself. A fast, rangy fighter with quick feet but a bad chin is an intriguing match-up for Hatton but not an easy win at all.

How about Timothy Bradley?

Timothy Bradley
Timothy Bradley

This might be an ugly fight on paper but for Hatton it is a possible win. Bradley is not a power puncher nor is he blinding fast. At grappling, Hatton is an even match with “The Desert Storm.” Bradley is now a pay-per-view name and Hatton may not need that but it never hurts.

Juan Manuel Marquez
Juan Manuel Marquez

This fight is huge. If Marquez pulls off the fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao, don’t hold your breathe for Part 5. Marquez is something of a free agent. Hatton-Marquez might be one of the biggest fights in recent memory. Classic boxer vs. classic brawler. It has the makings of a wonderful fight no matter the weight or what belt would be on the line.

Who would you choose for Ricky Hatton?

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